Youtubers to watch when it’s raining outside

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for 1.9k+ WP followers!!! We hit it on Tuesday and I was so happy (because we are so close to 2k!). A while ago, I was looking through the posts on my blog and was looking for a post to update and I came across this one. So here’s my updated “Youtubers to watch….”.

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Vloggers To Watch When It Is Cold Outside

Hello everyone,

Before I start this post, I want to thank you for over 700 followers! I reached it at the start of this week and was so happy because I didn’t eve think I’d reach 700+!!! THANK YOU!

Amy way,  today I will be sharing my favourite people to watch on YouTube when it’s cold outside. I feel like Ive watching A LOT more youtube lately because I’m indoors, snuggled up with a cup of green tea next to me. So let’s get started.

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