Post 16

Hello everyone,

A rambling post and a life update have been long overdue on my blog because I’ve been MIA since my birthday back in March. Since it’s nearly the end of April, I thought I’d tell you guys what I’ve been up to since the last time you guys heard from me.

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The demotivated era

Hello everyone,

Long time no see but I’m back after a long month of the February blues. Who knew that even existed? See the flower above. It’s got its leaves, the stem and a strong root to hold it down but the one thing that is missing is the beautiful flower. The flower ready to bloom when the time is just right.

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What’s been going on lately | An update

Hello everyone,

I’m currently listening to Ed Sheeran’s new version of his song Perfect Symphony while writing this post and I really like it! (but I wasn’t a fan of the duet with Beyonce. I love Beyonce but I wasn’t a big fan of the duet). Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys an update because the last time I did one was in September and it feels way overdue! (I ramble on a bit so if you like posts like these, by all means, keep reading!).

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Update: New blogging schedule + a series?

Hello everyone,

It’s the end of he summer holidays for me so like the past two summers, I want to update you all. I feel like this is long needed because I will have less time due to school.

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Major update!!!!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated! A few things were changed on my blog. Others were added. Also at the end I would love it if you can answer some of the questions. Continue reading “Major update!!!!”


Hello everyone,

New change:

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