January Favourites 2018

Hello everyone,

I’m back again with a monthly favourites post! I was so inconsistent with these last year so I’m going to set myself a mini goal and try to do at least 6 monthly favourites because I know that you guys enjoy it and I love writing them.

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Review of the Anatomicals facemask + more!

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! This is my first blog post of 2018 and what better way to start it by doing a collab post. Today I am going to be reviewing the Anatomical facemasks. If you want to know which ones I’ve tried, then keep reading.

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Autumn Skincare routine 2017

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be sharing with you my current skincare that I’ve been using through the end of summer and all of autumn so far. So if you want to know the products that work well with my skin (combination- more to the oily side), than keep reading. Also, there will be a mini review of each product too.​

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An oldie but goodie! #1

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to start a series called An oldie but goodie! I’m going to be talking about a product that I’ve been using for a very long time but still is amazing!! So today’s product is the Johnsons daily face wash.

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Natural Skincare routine

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is a guest post by my sister because she wanted to share her morning and mainly night time daily skincare routine. This is great for those who are trying to go natural with your products. Let’s get started with the post! 
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Live Love London and Instant Effect Review*

Hello my lovelies!

Makeup Junkie here with an amazing review for you guys which I am so excited about! If you follow The Average Gurl on Instagram you would have seen that we were sent a package from Live Love London to review some of their products. If you want to find out what I thought of the products then keep reading!

Live Love London are a new brand which sell makeup products exclusively in BHS stores. I have checked for their products on the BHS website but I can’t seem to find them so I won’t be able to tell you the prices of the items.

But you can find the instant effect products here: http://www.myinstanteffects.com/

Let’s start off with the instant effect items:

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