Festive interview |Collab – thehappydiary

Hello everyone,

Today I’m collating with Roxanne from the blog The Happy Diary. I love her blog so much so I’m so excited to be collabing with her! Roxanne has set me 10 questions I must answer and I did the same for her too. On this post, I’ll be answering her questions so, if you want to see what questions I’ve asked her then click here.

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How to enjoy the last few days of autumn

Hello everyone,

Winter is just around the corner. So I thought I’d share with you guys ways to enjoy the last few days of autumn because autumn is my favourite season yet it never lasts for very long.

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5 things I love about autumn

Hello everyone,

Autumn is here and I love sharing the things I love about autumn. This post is a collab with the amazing mygirlyblogger so don’t forget to check her blog out.

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Summer to Fall Transition Lipsticks

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog after two weeks off me not posting after two weeks, I am so sorry! (read here for update and I hope you all liked the collab :)). Anyway, on a more positive note, this is my first autumn blogpost, WHOOP! To celebrate, I’m doing a transition from summer to autumn lipsticks. This is the perfect time because it just about feels like autumn!

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How to start Summer the right way

Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to be telling you 3 ways on how to start summer the right way. I’m so happy that the weather is getting warmer and the holidays are getting closer! Thats why I thought that this post was the right time to write.

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20 things I love about Autumn

Hello everyone,

Today i am going to be sharing with you 20 of my favourite things about Autumn. I love Autumn and just talking about it gets me into such a good mood! But before we get started i need to say Continue reading “20 things I love about Autumn”

Summer 2016!

Hello everyone,

Can you believe that it’s already June? Where has 2016 gone?! Anyway, every season that comes and goes I like to write what I look forward to. So let’s get started!

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