A study routine? | BTS Q&A

Hello everyone,

And welcome to the last back to school post for this year! I love doing Q&A’s so it definitely had to make it to the back to school series. I asked on both my Twitter (@lifeasnajida) and Instagram (@lifeasnajida) for some questions and I got quite a few. For those who have asked a question will be featured, so just click their username and follow them.

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Q&A | Raghad Answers

Hello everyone,
This Q&A is in collaboration with Raghad. Her blog is amazing so make sure to check her links at the end of the post. The way this Q&A works is that I asked Raghad questions and she answers them. I also answered Raghad’s questions and I’ll make sure to link her post below also.

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Back to school Q&A | Collab

Hello everyone,
I’m in such a good mood because it’s nice and hot and I’m sitting infront of the fan enjoying my Wednesday. Today I’m doing a Q&A  and this is a collab with the lovely Anna from the blog ImaGalaxyGirl. We have done a collab a few times before and she will be doing a Back To School hairstyle post. Her blog is amazing so I’ll link her blog at the end. 

The questions were asked on Instagram so let’s get started with the question.

  • Click on the usernames so you can follow the users xx

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Q&A: Spring Edition 2016


Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to do a Spring Q&A. This is a collab with A Blow Of Bubbles and we both are going to answer the same questions (from My Instagram) which I asked on one of my posts. So let’s get started!
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Winter Q&A 2015

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be doing a winter Q&A. On my Instagram (@theaverage.gurl) I asked my followers to ask me some winter related question and I recieved 30 questions! Sadly, I’m only answering 10 so…

Let’s get started.

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