5 things I love about autumn

Hello everyone,

Autumn is here and I love sharing the things I love about autumn. This post is a collab with the amazing mygirlyblogger so don’t forget to check her blog out.

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10 tips for school | Collab

Hello everyone,

I hope everyones first few weeks back at school has been going very well. I’m excited to say that this is a collab with the amazing Alanna (follow her blog here). We are both sharing 10-15 back to school tips for you guys so I hope these are helpful!

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Desk Decor with Desenio* | BTS

Hello everyone,

Todays post is a Back to school project and I am really happy to say that it is in collaboration with Desenio! Having fancy stationary is great but has anyone really shown you ways to liven up your desk? I’m going to show you different ways to spice up your desk, with beautiful frames and posters, without it taking much space, so than you can feel motivated to do homework for the next school year.

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Q&A | Raghad Answers

Hello everyone,
This Q&A is in collaboration with Raghad. Her blog is amazing so make sure to check her links at the end of the post. The way this Q&A works is that I asked Raghad questions and she answers them. I also answered Raghad’s questions and I’ll make sure to link her post below also.

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5 winter nail colours I love!


Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite winter nail colours. This is a collab with Anonymous teen blog and i’ll make sure to link her blog and her post at the end.

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Winter OOTD 1 | Collab


Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to be showing you a winter outfit and it is a collab with the amazing blogger A Sprinkle of Joyyy.  She will be doing a winter makeup look soon so I’ll link her blog below.

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