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I’ve gone self hosted!

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Study with me | Weekend Edition

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all are having a great start to your half-term break. Today I’m going to be doing a study with me because on twitter I came across Sophie’s tweet about how someone would structure this in a blog post form instead of a video. We then tweeted back and forth until we decided to attempt it and turn it into a collab as well! Sophie’s (from LoveSoph blog) links will be all down below and her post should be up.

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My Pinterest boards + 200th post

Hello everyone,

Before I start this post, I just wanted to mention that this is my 200th blogpost that I have published! For other bloggers, this may seem like nothing because they post regularly but this is a big milestone for me. Anyway, today i’m going to show you my Pinterest boards. To see what I’ve pinned, click the links (text) to see boards in full detail.

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Get to know me

Hello everyone,

I saw Meg’s blogpost (the get to post know me) and it inspired me to answer the same questions. Also, it would be a great way for you all to get to know me!

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A Little Change




Hello everyone,

I changed my blogs name? It’s been two years since i’ve had The Average Gurl.

And for a very long time I haven’t been happy with it. So, I finally decided (nearly a year, haha) to ask for some help with blog names. I want to thank Alanna for choosing four fabulous names and a massive thank you to those who chose your favourite, which was Life As Najida.

I hope to grow my blog and maybe own it one day and before I do that, I want to be happy with the name everyone knows my blog by. Hence the change. Have a great day everyone!

thewanderwoman commented about my content. The content I am currently producing will still be the same. Just thought I’d add it in x

Najida x


A story I’ll never finish 2

Picture from Autumn Photography

Hello everyone,

Do you remember me starting this series at the start of the year? I don’t mind you don’t. It’s a series on where I share some of my creative writing (with the help of a thesaurus) but only an excerpt because I just can’t make myself write a whole book. Anyway, enjoy!

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