The demotivated era

Hello everyone,

Long time no see but I’m back after a long month of the February blues. Who knew that even existed? See the flower above. It’s got its leaves, the stem and a strong root to hold it down but the one thing that is missing is the beautiful flower. The flower ready to bloom when the time is just right.

I. I’m quite similar to that flower because I’m nearly there but, I’m not. I call this the demotivated era. When desperate times call for a desperate need of motivation yet we shut down due to the overwhelming feeling of needing to get stuff done. Here are 2 reasons why I feel demotivated and how I’m going to stop being in this slump and start to bloom. How ironic! It’s nearly Spring.

Too much content and not enough time

I don’t know about your experience in school but when it came to learning and education in general, I became more stupid. Inconsistent teachers and a LOT of supply teachers and I’ve still made to year 11 with semi-decent grades. Definitely not what I was aspiring for. I should’ve taken my education more seriously and should’ve taught myself in certain subjects but I didn’t think much of it at the time.

From here ’till exam season, I created a revision timetable and I will stick to it no matter what. I made sure to go through my school timetable and anything else going on in my life and catered the subjects to days that I’d want to do them in. I felt like I was on top of the world when I finished making it and it has motivated me SOO much. I actually can’t wait to start revising because the end is just so near!

Over-Working myself

Term 3 was 6 or 7 weeks and I’m not gonna lie, I was working hard in lessons and going to revision sessions after school. I even attended school for two days to catch up and did some revision on the first set of weekends in the February holidays while doing other things (aka I went to a wedding and celebrated my sisters birthday). I didn’t let myself even take a break that I became ill and so fatigue.

To fix my miserable life at that moment of time, I promised myself to do no revision on the first week back at school and to pamper myself, watch Riverdale and to SLEEP. All I can say is that this worked wonders and I feel well rested. I just need to remember to take care of myself and take a few little breaks in between so then I can continue at a healthy pace.

So I hope you all have enjoyed this post! The moral of this post is to take care of yourself and prioritise anything important by setting a plan and motivating yourself to stick to it. I’m so sorry for being MIA but I needed this break from blogging because everything has been stressing me out and I had no time, nor patience to blog. Have a lovely day everyone.

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10 thoughts on “The demotivated era

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, everyone gets demotivated and it’s so important to take time to think about what you need to do to make you feel better. Also, revision timetables absolutely saved my life in school/uni, I love them! xx

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