Q&A I want to quite my blog???

Hello everyone,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Q&A so to start February off, I thought that a Q&A! The theme of this topic is the reality of a blogger and I’m answering your questions on both Twitter and Instagram. This is a collab with my favourite gal, Natasha from ThoughtfulTash. All her links will be there at the end of the post. Don’t forget to click the username and give these lovely people who’ve asked a question a follow.

@delladriscollx asked:


My favourite thing about blogging has to be writing the post itself. I know that other people would say the response or designing their blog but I really do enjoy typing the posts. I never have a plan before I post which definitely makes blogging more free and enjoyable.

@girlybloggerxx asked:

It definitely has to be taking the pictures because of the lighting, especially during winter. Photography takes a big role in posts because it adds a little something to my posts so I try to make them as good as possible.

@the_happy_diary asked:

Sometimes I do because everything is already out there so writing original posts is hard. But now I have a list of posts which really helps because I can brainstorm any ideas. I never force myself to think of original posts because I think that spontaneous ideas end up being the best-performed posts (from my experience).

@love_sophblog asked:

Having a blogging schedule has helped so much (even if I neglect it sometimes, haha). I try to post every Saturday, around 5pm, because if I didn’t have any time at all during the week to post, I’d be able to do it in the morning and publish a blog post on a Saturday evening. Also, drafting on the go has helped me make a start on a post so then I can finish them later on when I have more time, so the WordPress app is super helpful!

@lifelikeagalaxygirlblog asked:

Thanks Alanna for so many questions! I think it’s pretty easy to keep a social life while keeping up a blog because I prioritise that more than blogging. I would definitely devote more time to my blog if it was a job or if I was a lot older but I’m only 15 and this is a time for me to be making memories with family and friends. So balancing them both isn’t too hard for me.

Blogging doesn’t stress me out unless I have no posts scheduled or drafted. I feel so guilty when I miss a post for a week because I wish I had the time. To ease my slightly stressed self, I try to make time to schedule at least 1-2 posts and draft a few ideas so then I don’t bump into this situation again.

Honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything else. I think that using my time for blogging has allowed me to take up a new hobby instead of reading,  watching youtube or tv shows and it gives me a healthy break between these hobbies.

@everythingeden asked:

I’m not going to lie, I have thought of this a few times. I really wasn’t happy with my blog because I use to compare it with other blogs but now I’m really happy with my blog because I made it reflect me and not feel down about it.

Having no inspiration sometimes is definitely normal for any blogger because I’ve lacked on blog post ideas or just writing at all. Breaks have for sure made me overcome these feelings go away but the one thing that helped me the most was looking back at old posts and seeing how much I’ve come so far.

@sophie_maie asked:

My usual set up for blog post writing is my bed because I love being comfortable and cosy. But if I want a change of scenery, I write on my dad’s desk (not even my own desk, I have no idea why, haha) or in the kitchen.

Thank you so much to every single person who has asked me a question. I really enjoyed answering every single one of them! I want to thank Tash for coming up with the topic idea for this q&a and don’t forget to check out her post and go give her a follow because her blog is so beautiful –> www.thoughtfultash.co.uk

So I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you missed out on asking a question, definitely ask them below as I’d love to answer them. Have a lovely evening everyone.

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16 thoughts on “Q&A I want to quite my blog???

  1. Your honesty and consistency with blogging inspires me so much! I’ve missed reading your blogposts since I was on a blogging sort of break due to health reasons but I’m so glad to be back and reading your interesting content again ☺️

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