5 mistakes I made in my first year blogging #bgtb

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all are having a great day so far. Majority of my readers are bloggers, and some are either new or in their first year of blogging. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys the mistakes I’ve made in the first year of blogging. And I’ve finally created another post for my beginners guide to blogging series!

I know, there is no right or wrong way of blogging and what you do with your blog. But, I wish I knew these when I first started blogging. Oh, and I will be featuring past post pictures because I thought it would be fitting for this post 🙂


Always writing in default

I didn’t realise that I’ve been writing in default for the first couple of months of blogging until I wanted to change my theme which was Sela at the time. This is because for the landing page you can add categories and that’s when I realised that you can categorise your posts. It’s organised my blog so much and now I can control what I want you guys to see on my post sliders which is so helpful. So if you want the best out of your theme and to organise your blog, categorising your blog is the best.

It took me a long time to re-categorises my posts so I advise you to do it if you aren’t already!

Not having a blog schedule

I started my blog when I was 13 and was in school (I still am in school) and I never had a schedule. At one point I was blogging lots and other times I was barely posting and I wanted to change that because I found the magical thing called scheduling posts. I love how blogging is a learning process because I had NO clue that I could do that so I was quite happy with myself, haha. So when I’m buzzing with ideas, I can schedule them once or twice a week so I am consistent.

You don’t have to have a blogging schedule but it’s helpful for when you’re on writer’s block because there are posts scheduled for when you had a lot of ideas.


Not using images to break text

Realised the pictures throughout this post?? This is something I never use to do and you might be thinking why is this important? As a blog reader myself, I realised that other bloggers break their text and it revives your reader’s attention span. This is really good especially for bloggers who write a lot in a post. It’s great because it keeps the reader on your page for longer.

If you don’t like putting images in your post, then it’s fine. You do you!

Linking social media to every post


I have no idea why I never did this before? I think that this is a great way to either grow your social media or just put your other platforms out there. Also, you can interact with other bloggers when they check out your links!

So I hope you all enjoyed this blog post because I really enjoyed writing it because I haven’t written nor posted on my blog for 2 weeks! I really wanted to write this for a long time but I’ve currently have mocks, so please bear with me. I just can’t wait until the summer holidays so then I can post a lot more. Have a lovely day everyone x

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38 thoughts on “5 mistakes I made in my first year blogging #bgtb

  1. Before starting my current blog, I used to have a really bad one in the summer of 2016 and basically made all of the same mistakes! My biggest fault was arguably including just one photo in my posts, and at times, none at all. However, it is great that we can learn from our mistakes :’)

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