What’s been going on lately | An update

Hello everyone,

I’m currently listening to Ed Sheeran’s new version of his song Perfect Symphony while writing this post and I really like it! (but I wasn’t a fan of the duet with Beyonce. I love Beyonce but I wasn’t a big fan of the duet). Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys an update because the last time I did one was in September and it feels way overdue! (I ramble on a bit so if you like posts like these, by all means, keep reading!).

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Christmas Holidays

Usually, when it’s the holidays, I post more than 2 times a week but this holiday I will not be able to. This is because GCSE’s are 5 months away and the last mocks are at the start of next year so I have to prepare for that. I am so sorry in advance for being inactive on my blog and WordPress in general because I just don’t have the time to maintain my blog for now. All this should end after my exams but I will still try to post at least 3 to 4 times a month for the next 5-6 months.

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I have 3 collaborations with bloggers coming very soon. I’ve been wanting to collab with bloggers for a while now and it was on my December list so I will be accomplishing that at least. I was hoping to do more than 3 this month but I simply can’t  so after exams; hopefully, I’ll be able to collaborate with more people.

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My blog exposed

During the summer holidays, my best friend from year 6 found out my blog. Honestly, she was so supportive and it made me happy. She doesn’t go to my secondary school so I wasn’t too worried about more people finding out. However, this seized to change because of a girl, who does go to my secondary school, knew about my blog for a while but didn’t say anything. I’m no longer friends with here due to some issues but than out of know where she told my friends. They were shocked but supportive and all was ok because no one else found out.

I should’ve told my friends about my blog but I just put it off since I made it because I prefered it to be private. I was going to tell them eventually, at my own pace. They are fine with it and no drama has happened because of it which I’m grateful for.

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The not so good pictures

Since it started to get darker earlier, I feel like it’s impossible for me to take pictures for my blog. Also, I really wanted to do a snow day photography post but, the snow didn’t set so I was so gutted. The featured image for this post is from January 2017 snow. I’ll give a hint though, one of my collaboration posts is a Winter photography post and I’m going to go somewhere special to take some (hopefully) good pictures.

So I hope you all enjoyed this little update. Comment on your plans for this holiday or the new year down below because I would love to know and start a conversation! Have a lovely day everyone.

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8 thoughts on “What’s been going on lately | An update

  1. I always love reading these kinds of posts especially from my fave bloggers. I hope the revision for your exams are going ok, good luck with it all! And I just want to say that I know how you might feel about people finding out about your blog, I didn’t tell any of my friends until a few months ago and I know it’s a bit scary but you have so many reasons to be proud of your blog and the content you create, I’m sure everyone around you are proud of you too. I hope you enjoy the holidays despite all the revision!xx

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  2. If you ever need some tips and things for your mocks, just message me, I’m always happy to help. My plans for the holidays is to work, work and then work some more 🙈 so unfortunately nothing exciting happening my end. Good luck with your mocks 💛 xx

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  3. Great post! Love reading life updates haha. When I did my GCSE’s last year I took some time away from blogging, everyone was very supportive when I came back and it was just like usual so I’d definitely take some time away to focus on exams if I was you Xxx

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