Things I wish I knew before I started year 11

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all the top 4 things I wish I knew before I started year 11. If you are going into year 11 next year, want to know what it’s like or can relate, then grab a snack and enjoy this post!

They say its gonna be a hardcore year, and they weren’t lying!

I knew that year 11 was going to be a stressful and jampacked year because off all the teachers mentioning it. But, I did not expect it to happen on the first day back or even the second week in. I already had mocks on the second and third week which was so stressful! So Savour the freedom you had in the summer because you really need to mentally prepare yourself for year 11.

Time flies by when you’re working hard

How is it already the half-term holidays already? Teachers have already counted 30 something weeks ’till our first exams. Not gonna lie, this is nerve-wracking so I better make the most of the last year of secondary.

Napping becomes normal

I am sooooo knackered by the time I get home (doesn’t help hat our school does an extra period for year 11’s). So I see myself napping and resting a lot. This makes it so hard to manage your time but I’m slowly getting there.

Social media is the last thing on your mind

I am so inactive on my social media that it’s not even funny. I’ve even realised that I don’t have to look at any of my platforms without feeling guilty or paranoid that I’m missing something. I’ve learnt to set my priorities and sadly social media isn’t one of them (however, I try to prioritise my blog a lot more than my other platforms).

So I hope you all have enjoyed this post. Comment below what you wish you knew before starting year 11. If your not at that stage than comment below what you look forward to on your last year of school. Have a lovely day everyone!

Najida x

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30 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew before I started year 11

  1. OMG a lot of stuff here was super relatable for me. I used to take a lot of naps and forgot about social media too during the beginning days of high school, but I’m not so sure about junior year because I’ll be one next year. High school just passes by TOO quickly.

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  2. I didn’t have the best time during year 11 so my tip to myself would be a little different. I didn’t feel comfortable at school so spent a lot of time at home. I’d tell myself not to worry and that it’s still possible to get the grades I needed working from home. | Latest Post: Decorating our flat for Halloween

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  3. Agree so muchhh! 😏 There’s no kidding in Year 11 – I barely get any free time! I used to reply to my blog comments, the second I get them! Now…I sometimes leave them for up to 4/5 days! 😕 It’s just soooo stressing and demanding! 😩 Great Post Tho! Thanks for sharing! 😊👍

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  4. I’m in Year 10 and I feel like it’s shaping up to be almost as hard as Year 11 will be! My year will be the second doing our GCSE’s with every subject marked with the new numbering system so everything is so much harder already!😭 I have an awful feeling I’m going to struggle in Year 11.

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  5. I’m in year 11 right now and this is so accurate. Especially the napping part because I only intend to sleep for an hour which turns into a 4 hour nap and I wake up regretting decisions :/

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