1st – 7th October 2017

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a week of my life blog post. This is the third post of my behind the blog series so I hope you all are enjoying it so far.

Sunday 1st

Can you believe that it’s already October 1st??? Yesterday I bought a few clothing items from Primark (everything is so gorgeous there at the moment) and everything I got was so autumnal. I had a lye in and had an omelette for breakfast. After that, I tried on all the clothes I bought yesterday and started to ready my bag for the trip tomorrow. I wanted it to be a chill day so I had a bath and I used the vanity planet product. More info will be in a future blog post. I watched a film and watched two episodes of Vampire Diaries. In between, I was chatting with my friends.

I can’t remember much else from today, haha but now I’m heading to bed!

Monday 2nd

Today I’ve woken up at 6:50am and it wasn’t the usual school morning routine. I put on some comfy clothes and no uniform because I do geography for GCSE so I went on a trip today. I was the odd one out from everyone, I wore a maroon top dress with leggings and black boots whereas everyone else wore jeans, a top, and a bomba jacket. The trip was okay, we went to a few sites, sketched the area, took pictures and asked questions. We had lunch at Westfield after the 3rd site which was for an hour and a half and it was really fun with my friends. We did the tasks on the 4th site and left to go home. We went Stratford for our trip and I had way too much food and snacks, haha.

I got home by 4pm and I was literally lying in my bed for 2 hours because I was exhausted from walking all day. I’m currently on season 5 on Vampire Diaries (I know I’m late), and I watched 2 episodes today and had dinner. Now I’m catching up on social media and heading to bed.

Tuesday 3rd

It was so hard for me to wake up today and I’m so exhausted and feel like I could sleep for another 10 hours! Today was school and I had a physics test (he didn’t even tell us about it) and it was so flipping hard. Biology and physics are my worst subjects. Talking about Biology, I was told that we are gonna have another test, great😫

Today wasn’t great but it wasn’t too bad. After school lessons have started (an extra period) and it’s compulsory but it went very fast so that’s a plus. I came home and my parents got McDonald’s and I was over the moon. Now I just watched an episode of Vampire Diaries and I will eat dinner in 3 hours.

I’ve just had dinner and I’m writing up this post. I will watch another episode and go to bed.

Wednesday 4th

Today was just the usual, wakeup, eat school, rest, sleep and repeat. I was so sick off today because I had triple maths😫 Today dragged and by the time I got home, I fell asleep than had dinner. After dinner, me and my siblings did the Ramen noodle challenge (the spiciest Korean noodles) and it was so hot and spicy. I drank so much milk and was nearly sick. That was probably the only interesting part about today.

Thursday 5th

I woke up with a smile on my face because today I have half day due to opening evening for year 5 & 6. I had three of the most boring lessons (maths, geography, and physics) but none the less I was happy. I had A LOT of junk food today so I better be healthy tomorrow, haha.

Once I got home, I got changed into my PJs and had pasta for lunch. I then watched an episode of Vampire Diaries. With so much extra time, I decided to do some English and Art homework and I’m not gonna lie, it was so productive and I finished all my work. Then I had more pasta for dinner and watched another two more episodes of Vampire Diaries. Now I’m writing this blog post and going to bed.

Friday 6th

Today was a super chilled day. I woke up happy and refreshed (this is so rare for me) and I was so happy. School was ok, in geography I was talking with my friends about how our lives are all so different and how we only see a segment of each other’s lives. It was a very good conversation and got to know my friends bit more. Nothing exciting happened today but I did get a lot of homework (why?? **sobs**). Luckily, it was Friday so there was no compulsory after-school lesson which made my day even better.

I went home and I decided to sleep. Yep, I slept and then watched 2 episodes of Vampire diaries. I seem so anti social but I’m not, I do message my friends inbetween and talk to them. I’m just so exhausted and I fell asleep again. I’ve woken up and it’s 9:15. I had a little bit off dinner and caught up on some youtube. I’ve never felt so tired in my life before, it’s 11:50pm and I’m carrying on this blogpost and after this is written, I will go to bed (again for the billionth time today😂).

Saturday 7th

Today I had a lye in because it was Saturday. A Saturday isn’t a Saturday without a lie in, haha. I started off the day with some banana pancakes which were very delicious and then I started to clean my room. Evey week I try to have a cleaning day where everything is cleaned, dusted and hoovered. I still clean every day but I still want a day to properly clean my room. Then I started taking pictures for next weeks blog post so I can’t wait until you guys read it.

After that, it was lunchtime and I had pasta and while I was eating pasta, I was reading a book from Wattpad. After eating my lunch, I was so into my book that I was reading it for a few hours. I finished reading the book and I became bored because I had no plans for today so I decided to watch Baywatch. I do love that film. Now I am writing the end off this post and going to post it straight away for you guys. It’s so crazy that these posts take a whole week! I hope it wasn’t too boring. I’m gonna have some dinner and maybe play with my little sister and maybe do some homework.

So I hope you all have enjoyed this post and the pictures. If you guys have enjoyed it and if you read ’till the end, comment a pink emoji. Have a lovely day everyone!

Najida x

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  1. I used watch vampire Diaries and I loved it sooooooooo much! I dont know why I stopped tho… Maybe will start watching it again. I really liked this post. You seem very interesting and productive. xo

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