A study routine? | BTS Q&A

Hello everyone,

And welcome to the last back to school post for this year! I love doing Q&A’s so it definitely had to make it to the back to school series. I asked on both my Twitter (@lifeasnajida) and Instagram (@lifeasnajida) for some questions and I got quite a few. For those who have asked a question will be featured, so just click their username and follow them.

Twitter Questions

My twitter: @lifeasnajida

@bethxkate asked:

  1. Do people at your school know about your blog?
  2. Do you enjoy school?
  3. What are 3 of your essentials?

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to Bethany for asking me so may questions.

  1. No one at my school knows about my blog. I told my best friend in year 9, at the time, and she was like cool! and that was the end of it, haha. She hasn’t mentioned it (which I’m glad of). I don’t want anyone to know about my blog because I feel like they won’t understand it, if that makes any sense.
  2. I do enjoy school but not as much as I used to. As the years commence, I’m getting tired of school but I’m excited for year 11 as I plan to work hard and give it my all for the last year.
  3. My 3 essentials for school would be my hand sanitiser (I can not live without this), a snack (I get really hungry so I always have this in hand), and my phone.

(Read What’s in my school bag 2017 here to see more of my school essentials!)

@its_justellen asked:

What’s your daily routine like during school time?

My routine is very simple, it’s:

  • Wakeup and get ready
  • Go to school and go back home
  • Do homework
  • Chill (watch shows, talk to friends etc)
  • Eat dinner
  • Go to sleep

Not the most fascinating routine, haha but, school takes way to much time. Thanks Ellen for asking this question!


@thecurlyanomaly asked:

What is your study routine?

This is a really good question because I have no idea myself! I try and do my homework on the night set and if I have an assessment for a lesson, I’d revise a few days before the assessment. When it comes to real exams or mocks, I create a revision timetable and just follow that. Thank you so much for the question!

@galaxygirlblog asked:

  1. What are you looking forward to?
  2. What are you not looking forward to?

Thank you Alanna for asking me more than one question!

  1. I am looking forward to finishing school. I’m going into year 11 and it will be the fifth year I see the same people and same teachers. I’m so ready to finish school and have a fresh new start!
  2. I am not looking forward to the stress next year! Especially the new GCSEs so I do hope that the stress doesn’t get to me.


Instagram Questions

My instagram: @lifeasnajida

@rosetpics asked:

  1. What are your back to school makeup essentials?
  2. Do you have any tips for revision?
  3. How do you stay motivated to revise?

Thank you you so much Amelia for asking me so many questions!

  1. I don’t have any back to school makeup essentials because I don’t wear any makeup to school. I prefer not to as it gives me more time in the morning and no worries about it getting ruined during the day.
  2. My tips for revision is to be motivated. This is really hard so one way I motivate myself is by talking to myself (I know, I’m weird!) but it works! It’s because I remind myself about my goals and how working hard will get me a good grade.
  3. I guess I kind of answered it on the last question. But I do have a post that has different ways to motivate yourself for school, read it here.


@happy_roxanne asked:

What’s your favourite thing about school?

My favourite thing about school is meeting my friends. We live quite far from each other so it’s really nice to see them everyday. Thank you Roxanne for the lovely question!

@sophie_maie asked:

What’s your go to tips to stay organised during school?

My go to tips would be:

  • To have a planner to write down any important exams or even your homework
  • Do your homework on the night set! This just gets it out of the way but, also solidifies the things you’ve learnt in lesson that day.
  • Buy plastic wallets or binders to organise your revision materials (or notes). My notes are all in my school books but any additional notes are in y plastic wallets.
  • Have a designated space for everything! Than your stationary, school work or textbooks will not be all over the place and you’ll know where everything is. If you want to see what plastic wallets I have, they are mentioned in this blog post.

Thank you Sophie for asking me this question and I hope this question helps others get organised this school year!

So I hope you all have enjoyed this years back to school Q&A. Don’t forget to follow everyone who have asked a question and you could do this my clicking their username. If you have any questions that you didn’t get to ask, than comment them below! I would love to answer them. Have a lovely day everyone!

Najida x

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and your blog I beautiful ! ๐Ÿ˜ Good luck with the new GCSEs, I’m so glad I did mine this year so it was only English and Maths that were graded the new way! X

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