What’s in my school bag 2017

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the 4th Back to School post for this year! Today I’m going to show you what’s in my bag because I didn’t do a back to school haul. It’s because the two posts are so similar because all the stationary is the same. I chose to do a what’s in my bag because I prefer reading these posts myself.

My bag


My bag is from Dorothy Perkins and I actually got it from the sale (Price £32 but I got it for £25). When I saw this bag, I instantly fell in love with it because of the detailing and the space inside the bag. It has two compartments which is perfect for me.

Inside the first compartment

In the first compartment, I have my plastic wallets for each subject. Depending on my timetable, different days will have different wallets. The wallets are from Wilkinson’s and they are a pound for four. I have a 30cm ruler from last year (It was part of a set from Sainsbury’s) and the maths set was from WHSmith for £1.99.

My school has stopped giving out planners and replaced them for logs so this year, I’m taking my own planner to be organised. I saw this planner in The Works and knew that I had to take it home. What surprised me was that it’s only £4 which is a bargain! The pink pencil-case is from last year and I cleaned it and turned it into an essentials bag full of pads, deodorant, hair grips etc. The pencil case was from The Range but isn’t there anymore as it was from last year.

I have a pack of tissues because you never know when you’ll need it. I would also have hand sanitizer but I haven’t bought one yet to show you and the one i’d usually use is the Carex original. Last thing I have in the first compartment is my pencil-case. If you want to know what’s inside and where it’s from, click here to read my Whats in my pencil case 2017 blog post.

Pocket in the first compartment


As Maths is a compulsory subject (sadly), I have to carry a calculator with me everyday. Not only that, I use it for Science to so it’s very handy to have. I bought this in year 7 from  Wilkinson for £8.99 and it’s lasted me four years!! I just hope it doesn’t die on me in year 11, haha. The second thing I have in the pocket is a USB. This is so handy to bring work from school computers to home and vice versa and I know that I’ll be using it lots this year (just as I did in year 10 aswell).

The second compartment


This compartment is strictly for food. I don’t have a lunch box in here yet because I start school in 2 weeks but Id usually have a sandwich, a fruit and a few snacks and chewing gum.

I also have a water bottle and this one is from HydrateM8 and I got this for £13.99. This isn’t available on the website as they’ve got new products out and I bought mine at the start of summer. The last thing in my bag is my purse from Primark and I got it for £6 last week. It’s so pretty and so handy to keep money in for emergencies.

So I hope you all enjoyed this post. Make sure to comment below your school bag essentials because I’d love to know! Have a lovely day everyone.

Najida x

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