Things to do before BTS

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first post out of the five back to school posts that are going up everyday, from Monday to Friday. Some people outside of the UK have already gone back to school and others have 1-2 weeks until school starts for the new year. So, I’ve decided to write up a simple list for you guys to get prepared for back to school!

1) Fix sleep schedule

2) Buy back to school equipment (don’t leave last minute)

3) Set goals for the school year

4) Do all your homework

5) Watch back to school videos to get in the school mode

So I hope this list was helpful. These are pretty obvious things but are easily forgettable. Don’t worry! Not all my back to school posts will be this short! Make sure to follow my blog to stay tuned for more in my back to school series. Have a lovely day everyone.

Najida x

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